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Welcome, Vendors!

Our Next show is June 1st and 2nd with Friday night option at no additional charge. Apply to be a vendor by filling out the application form at the bottom of this page. Once your application has been successfully processed, we will contact you via Phone or Email to let you know if you have been approved.  Join our event today!

Information About the Booths

Booth Cost is $75.00 and must be paid within 48 hours of approval or a  $15.00 late fee will be assessed.  The available space will not include any backdrops, tables or Chairs.  

8 ft. tables will be available for $15.  Please be informed that these spaces are limited so booking quickly is encouraged.


Electricity will be provided free of charge, but you must bring your own cord. Dealer setups happen on Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to 10 a.m..  24 hour security will be provided from Friday 10 a.m.. through 7 p.m. on Sunday. All other payment and mailing information will be sent to you via email or phone once we’ve received your application. For more inquiries, please call or email us.

Premier Show Productions (PSP) Rules and Regulations

PSP and the venue facility are not liable for the loss, damage or injury to any person(s) or product(s).

Failure to Occupy Space: In the event that vendor does not occupy assigned space 60 minutes before the opening of the show, PSP reserves the right to sell or use space without refund or obligation to original leasing vendor, unless vendor has contacted us to state they are running late.

The booth becomes the property of PSP and will be used in a matter of its choosing.

If vendor is a no show-no call, they will not be accepted into future shows. If they have paid for future shows. Vendor must call 48 hours prior to event to be considered as an acceptable contact in order to be allowed to vend in future events.

Right to Likeness: PSP has the right to use your business name, pictures of products, workers, customers, and display in any video, newsprint, website or any other media to promote “PSP Shows.” If you take pictures at our event and post them publicly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, yours or a webpage or on any flyer, we reserve the rights to copy and use them at our discretion. Vendors understand that these will become properties of the promoter and acknowledge their consent to use such items. The promoter also agrees that any marketing material such as fliers, Facebook posts, or other advertisement may be used by the vendor to share to promote events by the promoter.

Booths & Personnel: Each vendor booth location will be assigned by PSP personnel only. Children of vendors must behave and not be disruptive to customers and other vendors. A warning will be issued first. Second visit will result in vendor either having someone pick up the children or vendor will have to pack up and leave event with no refund. All children must be supervised by adults. Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to man booths without an adult present.

Spaces may not be shared or sublet unless prior authorization is given by PSP. Please do not add products to your space that were not on the application or were not given prior authorization.

Exhibit Space Care: Nothing may be drilled, screwed, stapled, tacked, taped or nailed into any of the property without prior approval. 

Sound Levels: Audible displays or sounds are permitted and must be maintained at an approved acceptable sound level. Microphones, megaphones, bull horns, etc. are not permitted for use by anyone except the show promoter.

Exhibit Space & Clean-Up: Vendors agree to remove all materials and decorations from the booth and agree to return space back to the same condition as it was received. Vendors shall not dismantle or remove booth exhibit sooner than at closing of show. Doing so will jeopardize the opportunity to participate in future events with PSP.

Storage: Vendors shall store all boxes and extra stock under tables or in vehicles and out of customers eye view. Isles and public floor areas may not have products, racks, displays or boxes in/on them. You may not occupy any area outside your rented space or table.

The promoter and venue are not liable for the loss, injury or damage to any person(s) and/or product(s).

Laws and Regulations: The vendor is responsible for all knowledge of laws, regulations or ordinances pertaining to public safety and their business while participating in the event. Compliance is mandatory and the sole responsibility of the vendor.

Garbage Disposal: Each vendor is responsible for keeping their booth neat and clean at all times. Please bring a small trash can with you.

Fire and Safety Regulations: (for those receiving electricity) All extension cord usage must be of commercial 3 prong grade. Bring a 3 prong commercial power strip if you need more than one outlet. Each vendor using electricity must bring an extension cord of 25′ or more. All extension cords and power strips must be 3 prong only.

Please bring tape with you to tape down your extension cord and/or power strip. If you do not have these items with you, we may not be able to give you electric service.

Loading and Unloading: All vehicles used for loading and unloading must be removed from the loading area as quickly as possible so as not to obstruct traffic, block fire zone or delay other exhibitors in their unloading and set-up efforts. Outdoor venues will not be able to park at their sites.

Everyone needs to check in first so we may instruct you to the load in the location closest to your space.

By signing the application form, the vendor acknowledges that he/she has read the rules and regulations for the event listed and agrees to abide by them and that all information given in the application by the vendor is actual and true, including signatures. 

PSP reserves the right to change, alter or revise the rules and regulations as it deems necessary without notice.

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